Chris Saunders Relaunch


Mr. Chris Saunders returns with more certified freshness



Brian Gossett

Certified indeed! Killin’ it brotha.


looks like someone got a new firewire drive of graphic elements! ha



Jon Saunders

nice work broskins


i love u guys….thanks for the positive feedback

Babe Baker

Nice work Chris!


Amazing dud. Congrats, great stuff.


Dow Jones 9,241.45 -96.50 (-1.03%)
oops, sorry wrong site


Awe… no videos? Or did I miss them…? Really inspiring stuff nonetheless. Excellent concepts and brilliant execution.


Amazing work man. Love it all!


Seldom, the best work requires no highfalutin interpretation or lofty exposition. This is one of those times.


you guys are all too kind…thank you all

Igor Sordokhonov

sickness indeed!


Loved looking through all your projects Chris! Super solid stuff.


so solid…

Lilian Darmono

awesome, Chris!!!! Put quicktimes up now plz? Kthxbai!!!!


wait, there are two killer Saunders? rad.



Saunders, I’m just about to reach my lawyer.


Looks like that XBOX frame got changed.


It’s actually really sad to see something like this around here. A high traffic newsblog full of amazing picks from world class studios and animation firms, featuring work by a fake kid trying to pretend he works for PSYOP… oh my gosh.

And here goes more “certified freshness” straight from Mate’s folio, the victim now was Smith and Nephew boards though: /

Chris, you better pick another name for yourself in this industry, and start things from ground zero, or maybe try another career because in this industry, fake people got no love.


Wait, If I understood right – You rip Xtrabold to use it on a FAKE Xbox project? Gots to be kidding kid.


^ @ Xtrabold word.


Mr. Chris Saunders returns with a lot of bullshit and rips, nice one!


Pretty hardcore accusations. I’m usually not much for the blog fights, but I’d love for some clarification on this one.


You need clarification? Still? Did you check those links?
Enough with that.


No, I saw the links… I’d like some clarification on some of the other things he’s being accused of – besides the obvious – ripping you off.

Chris… are you really doing boards on your own for fake projects and saying that they were commissioned? That seems… I don’t know… unheard of.

The Fake Marc B.

it was real. not fake.


This one is not fake, OK – but can you still see some similarities: / – what an unbelievable wave of copycats working for big companies, this is ridiculous.

One thing to mention about the fake projects accusation is, he says he’s working for PSYOP when he actually ripped off Mate Steinforth Barclays styleframes – Mate is actually design director at PSYOP… quite controversial, isn’t it? I assume that all the PSYOP projects are fake then.

Lauren Indovina

FYI, both Mate and Chris have worked for Psyop. Mate has since moved on to work as a director for Germany’s Sehsucht. Chris is currently a freelance designer for Psyop West.

Xtrabold1, your work is great and Chris definitely made a mistake in borrowing your moon element. Stay positive and remember that imitation is the best form of flattery. Chris is a great guy who I’m sure didn’t mean any harm. It was probably a rushed job, and your elements inspired him.


Lauren Indovina you gotta be fucking kidding me. Inspired by my work? RUSHED JOB? I could definitly sue this guy and get every single coin he has, or even more, if justice worked out fine.

THIS IS STEALING. For christ sake. Don’t overestimate my intelligence by trying to convince me he was “inspired” by my work. One thing is to imitate, another is to steal. And I can’t remain positive on so much hypeness over something that doesn’t really deserve any attention.

The Fake Marc B.

You people need to start looking at whether people can actually design, whether they can create, whether they have one single solitary original thought in their head. In regards to all the “cool stuff” Mr. Saunder’s has some nice visuals in much of his work yes, but do we really know if any of it is good without some sort of explanation as to what he was trying to communicate? This is shit we have all seen 100 times before, to the point we cant even tell who stole who from what.

Is it really deserving of the 20 “you are so cool” posts above… yawn.


its pretty obvious on this site that people make things personal attacks. there is a lot worse shit then this going on by motionographer poster boys that never gets called out. this sorta bashing should be reserved for art school goofs. i can’t believe adults are acting like this. why don’t you let everyone. what your name is? why don’t you out yourself in this industry as a dick no one will want to work with?

The Fake Marc B.

My last posting wasn’t meant to be a personal attack on Mr. Saunders. More of a general statement about the current state of design. I suggest you start calling out the motionographer poster boys who rip all the time and help put an end to the retardedness. No one likes being ripped by other people, No one likes to see people getting credit and applause for their own hard work.

Why dont you out yourself as someone who thinks this kind of unoriginality and lack of creativity is something to be celebrated


If people ain’t got beef about other rips and shits I simply don’t give a god damn fuck. It’s about my work. It’s something that belongs to ME, and was simply stolen by someone else, who gets credits and applauses by pretending to be a designer. Whether adult, child or art school goofs, if you steal something, you gotta pay double.


Xtrabold, you kiss your mom with that mouth?


Now you see. Chris has changed the first frame of the XBOX series… what a shame. This is so ridiculous. I can’t imagine how a human being can be just like that. Regardless honor and dignity.


I’ve worked with Chris a number of times and seen him doing some beautiful work. Who knows if the Psyop line element was given to him as an element or if it’s a stock element etc. Who knows if he found the same exploding rock thing on google or took it from Xtrabolds boards or if an art director referenced it and told him to use it. The truth of the matter is that we are all asked to turn around lavish concepts in a handful of days and Chris is one of the best at doing it. Everyone has a bag of tricks. If you start asking people to put their cards on the table, consider your own hand first.


Well said. I have worked with Chris and he is a great dude and sick designer. The anonymous crowd on Motionographer knows all though…


There are endless possibilities then, how interesting… feels like being among a dozen of lawyers trying to find a way out.

This is stealing, no matter what happened. If an art director gave him a reference, then he should replicate it, not steal it. If he simply paste and cut things, then I think he’s not a designer.

I admire people who can create something out of nothing, and come up with original ideas and aesthetics. I can’t admire someone who finishes a series of work in one day, cutting and pasting stuff and actually putting it on the portfolio as if it was a reason to be proud of. He can’t be good for the agency or studio which hired him, but not for the design industry as a source of inspiration, which I believe is the role of this website at all.


Hello Nelson,

First and foremost I want to say I completely understand where you are coming from and understand that you are upset. I also appreciate your honesty and wanted to thank you for calling me out. It was never my intention to steal or rip you off, and I truly apologize if you feel this way. I have actually never seen your work until this was brought to my attention

I really wish you had contacted me before you had made these accusations because things are a little different than they seem. You see, I was working on that Xbox pitch for Exopolis back in September and I literally had one day to execute some styleframes. There were a bunch of reference images that people had been collecting and referencing. I did not go to your site and grab some stills of your work with intention of using it in my own work. I was
in a crunch, and It was just one of many images sitting in a reference folder that i blindly grabbed and used with the intention of swapping out later with a different moon. It was careless on my behalf that I didn’t swap it out and the work got posted on motionographer. I should have swapped it out a long time ago but I carelessly forgot and I am truly sorry. I am not upset that you visciously attacked me because I would be upset too. I removed the element(S) from the frame and updated my site per your request.

have a great day,



round and round we go


Nice one, I thought I was the first one to create digital illustrations with the grain feeling. It was even Space who suggested the noisy dark style – so sorry for disappointing you.


new moon looks great

Stephen Kelleher

You kidding me??? I’ve seen that moon before – EVERY NIGHT! Come on!


mother nature doesn’t sue


1 hour and 14 minutes til 4:20.


@lovinghappypeople: Haha… Yeah Mario invented that grainy shit… I bet you think he invented photoshop too? :)


Regardless of any accusations about Chris’s work the way that Nelson handled this issue was extremely unprofessional. I would prefer not to hire and/or handle business with anyone who thinks this is acceptable.

Brian Gossett

Amen to that.

The Fake Marc B.

Gossett should go back to talking about how awesome he is, and stop talking about the hiring and firing of people. He clearly will never be in that position… What’s unprofessional is talking yourself up so high and telling everyone in the world you are an Art Director at Logan, BNS, and Motion Theory… when youre just a freelance designer at best… Ill call bullshit on that. Do me a favor and add some more lens flares to my 3d renders!

Can we all jump ship and rag on this monkey for a while?


wow that’s some below the belt shit. no need for that son.

Simon Robson

Hang on a second here. How on earth can you make a statement like ‘What’s unprofessional is…” and then go on to spout vitriol about another member of your profession, ending with the suggestion that we, ‘…all jump ship and rag on this monkey for a while?’. You are a parody of yourself in real time. It’s amazing to behold. I thought I’d seen it all.

If i were you I’d scuttle back to your desk and get on with your “3D renders” before you stink the place up any more.

As for everyone else. Both Chris and Xtrabold are now in contact and have squared the issue between them. Any more comments are absolutely surplus to requirements.



Does anyone here actually believe that the Marketing team from Xbox is stressed out about where this Moon came from? I can assume that they could care less, they are more worried about ROI and generating actual figured for there product.

Our job is so granular and miniscule at the end of the day I find it humorous how passionate everyone is about this stuff.

Business vs. Ethics.
Creative Brief: Yo guys we got 24 hours to win this Xbox pitch (5 studios are bidding) makes some shit happen… I’ve seen elements be barrowed, ripped, tradded… weekly. This is under the assumption that is if the job is awarded all original content would be created.

My conclusion:
1. Don’t post stuff on your site that isn’t all your own or accurately credit it.
2. If you want to resolve an issue with someone don’t do it on a blog, and link yourself to that (This shows a personality trait that would be undesirable from a business standpoint)


AMEN TO THAT.. hahhaa


I’m calling bullshit on anyone supporting chris in anyway on this one. xtrabold is a bit aggressive but absolutely right to call this out publicly. Its the only legs he has in this matter. Legally, because he is in another country, it is very difficult and probably expensive to pursue this matter even though its completely wrong and not at all subjective what went down. We know because we have had it happen too and it sucks but its hard to pursue even when its so cut and dry. The only reason anyone on this thread has chris back is because his brother is an editor on this site (well and hes a pretty funny dude in person in all truth). Lets be honest though, If the roles were reversed and it was someone closer to motionographer who got ripped by someone unknown, there probably wouldnt be nearly the same forgiveness.


There are some incredibly talented other designers on this board who don’t get a fraction of this attention or comments. It’s a shame.

Also, I have a gut feeling this isn’t the real xtrabold posting here, getting this flippant.


It IS Nelson.


Chris Saunders you have been PWNED!

The Fake Marc B.

Now the decision must be made. Will Chris be removed from the glorious “Cream” section of motionographer….

Please vote by using the awesome rating system below |


i don’t know about all this jacking elements stuff thats going around. but dude works all around LA at a lot of top studios and is active. and is the top handful of freelancers out here designing.


what about non mograph ripping? stills from flickr make it into boards from time to time, tracings from photographs, unlicensed music tracks? somehow, if someonw outside this profession came on and said that they were ripped, i dont think any would care as much

so its worse if you rip from a direct competitor? or does everyone have the drawing skill and memory to whip everything up by hand?

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