Eyeball unleashes a new 2009 reel with an interesting narrative.


Eyeball NYC unleashes a new 2009 reel with an interesting narrative.

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The Fake Marc B.

Reel wont play? Anyone else having a hard time loading?


Yeah, me too. All I get is the “Tribe” sample then dies.


Tribe just sampled it. This sounds like the original source.


good think they made this really great reel that you can’t watch BECAUSE IT WON’T LOAD!!!!


Works fine for me, looks like whatever issue you guys had is gone? Looks pretty slick!


It doesn’t matter how long you spend testing your website video speeds….because all it takes is 1 hour on Motionographer to throw all that testing out the window!

Sorry about that- need a few more minutes to “Motionographer-Proof” the website!

Should be running smooth for everyone shortly.

The Fake Marc B.

While I applaud motionographer for uploading the quicktime of the non loadable reel from eyeball I was highly disappointed after watching it. I like the idea of making a reel narrative, but everything else about the reel was a bore. Most the work seemed old, and the stuff that was new was boring at best. Eyeball used to be a company with some promise but the work has taken the broadcast route and feels like a discovery channel open. Am I missing something?


fake – i am with you. this stuff feels like a historic/retrospectiv reel. it’s stale and the graphic narrative feels like a space-filler for new work that does not exist.

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