Visual FX: 100 Years of Inspiration


Visual FX: 100 Years of Inspiration, a survey of 26 films that changed the world of visual effects.




nice for the older movies but missing some important recent movies: LOTR, Matrix, King Kong…

Justin Cone

It includes Benjamin Button, which is newer than all three of those, but yeah, I agree LOTR and Matrix would have been great additions.


I feel a little weird realizing I’ve seen 95% of those…


“26 films that changed the world of visual effects”

Huh? It’s oaky as an intro to a classroom lecture, but academically this makes no sense. It skips the 11 years after Jurassic Park park and jumps to bunch of random films with the bloated CG-industrial complex spinning it wheels. Do you even know who DougTrumbull is?

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