Trailer for Art and Copy, A film by Doug Pray


Trailer for Art and Copy, A film by Doug Pray.



Watched it last night and it’s mostly CD’s of leading American agencies talking about how great their work is. Apart from a few anecdotes about famous campaigns and the interior of the agency headquarters it’s not interesting at all. Where is the criticism about this materialistic society? Anything about Toscani for Benetton, Guerrilla Advertising, Virals, future prospects? Not at all. Disappointing movie.


Maybe it was disappointing for you because you had a prescribed ideal of what a documentary about advertising should focus on. This documentary looks at advertising’s most iconic work and the people who made it – not materialistic society, environmental effects, saving the whales or the migration of feral pigeons. It’s focus is specific and I found it a better documentary because of it. If you feel any issues undoubtedly should be looked at when discussing advertising, why not pick up a camera and make a film rather than bashing a concise documentation of advertising’s greatest hits?

I thought it was pretty good, a bit of a history lesson, one which anyone remotely involved in the industry should peep.


firstly let me say that i’m following this community just because of some real artistic videos

commercial is the most freaking evil on earth.
it is a reason for all wars of 20th and upcoming centuries
people who make commercials sold their souls to corporations
one could cover their evil work with whatever reason (art, idea, hypsteria etc.) but the truth is still here- you are pushing consumer society to the hands of world corporations

you better take a look on Adam Curtis’s “Century of Self” instead
it’s free and available on youtube



Ah to be a student again . . .


oops sorry i forgot, there is no other way for artist to make money except commercials

and what’s wrong with to be a student (even though i’m myself too far away already from that step)?

it’s just funny to watch all “mature” people as you who is trying to use art cover for just being media tool in brainwashing process
if you’re mature enough show arguments instead of shaving labels. or labels are those things that you like a lot, ain’t you? :)


most of the people who follow motionographer are motion graphics artists, a.k.a., commercial artists. so don’t bash our field, please. for the most part we were all students here at one point. I remember having similar opinions as you in school. don’t be offended, but you need more experience before you can comment on it the way you have. also, viagra or pampers? –what the f are you talking about?


? I’ve never shaved a label in my life. Ain’t you?

I assumed you were a student because of your seeming cringe worthy simplification and naivety. If you are not, that is all the more worrying. But I am offended by your blanket over the top criticism for all of the talented, responsible, intelligent people who earn a living through commercial work. I make no excuses for taking pride in work which sells – it’s a job I like. The guilt trip is all your own.


heh take it easy
i just expressed my opinion :) no need for such defense
you are talented, responsible, intelligent and you can be proud of your job (btw, is it viagra or pampers?)

just breath deeply lol


Don’t worry – you’ll help me relax by getting me my morning coffee when you graduate and intern. 2 sugars.

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