Tom Geraedts creates Eros, sound by Jeff Dodson.


Tom Geraedts creates Eros, about a blind man struggling with his inability to imagine the world around him. Sound by Jeff Dodson.

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Brilliant. Bravo

john black

wow, that was really great…the music and sound design was brilliant…


Had my eye on this kid since I saw his reel a few years back. Lot of talent there. Look forward to seeing more.


Awesome work man, loved every second of it.


Truly amazing! This should be a full post :) PS. I love the music too.


Thanks for the replies! I tried to give my own vision of what a blind person would feel while touching her. He hasn’t been able to develop a visual cortex in his mind, so how can he actually visualize things in his head? That was my question. They must have some sort of imagination ability, they can also imagine the streets they walk, the persons they talk to and the cars that drive by. For me it’s a great secret how blind people perceive the world, I once read about a blind person, and he explained his disability as pure bliss. When it rained, he heard every drop fall down on every tile, every piece of sand and every plant around him. Missing senses are so interesting..


DAMN!! Tom thats an amazing vid, the concept is truly brilliant… I can’t believe your only 21!! You have a long career ahead of you.

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