Asif Mian for 1st Ave Machine: ReRun


Like a bat out of hell, Asif Mian laces up, and breaks away with ReRun. Hatched straight from the lab at 1st Ave Machine, ReRun is an abstract film with a nitty-gritty fusion of cinematography and top-notch CG. While not overly conceptual, the film follows a slum-dwelling basketball player who weaves through the streets of a desolate ghetto. In his wake, and with every passing step; a shoe is left behind in suspended animation. Amid the course, the ball dribbling night-walker takes a spill, and with him, one by one, the trail of shoes come crashing down. Brushing himself off, the main character rises, and so too do the shoes. With the shoes now serving as a path, the man soldiers on, and continues along his shady trek of personal discovery.

Undeniably, ReRun is an odyssey of visual and audio. The Sound Design of the film is particularly electronic, with an ebb and flow that chauffeurs the narrative along at a fluctuating tempo. The visual, or CG for that matter, is done in good taste, and does not overshadow the plot, however ambiguous in nature it is. With its world premiere at OneDotZero_Adventures in Motion 2009, the film will fit snugly into the catalog of hits for both 1st Ave Machine, and Director Asif Mian.

Director: Asif Mian
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Art Department: Sean O’Connor, Dustin Highbridge
Live-Action Producer: Rich Hutchins
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Executive Producer: Serge Patzak
Post Producer: Crystal Campbell
Editor: Asif Mian
Lead CG Artist: Mike Merron
3D Artists: Ajit Menon, Tyquane Wright
Original Music: HPrizm