Decoy rocks new music Video for Portugal The Man, “Do You.”


Decoy rocks a new music video for Portugal.the Man, called “Do You”




This is a reckless message to the artists and designers:

Guys please leave us in peace with the 70’s / 80’s designs, we’ve seen enough…. start afresh and find something else, I’m begging you !



Not gonna happen until it is completely done to death. We have this discussion at my studio nearly every time a spot with this type of direction pops up…


This is a reckless message to all the artists and designers.

Please invent a technique never before seen by mankind. The people who show up and consume this website are entitled to a sense of awe and inspiration with every piece posted. Anything short of that will be panned as cliche, tired, and stylistic, even if its cool.


Thank you Monovich.


oh man, if motionographer only posted stuff that is fresh we could probably not coming here very often. 99% of stuff is not fresh. At least the video is shot well and CCed pretty nicely. It doesnt even remind me of 70s or 80s.

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