Lynn Fox for Timberland.


Lynn Fox for Timberland.


Brandon Lori

I’ve been lied to. I thought Nike was all-purpose, and good for most sketchy, situational conundrums. In the event I get chased by wild animals, I’m wearing my Timbs with everything: pantsuits, swimming trunks, pajamas, my overalls. Screw Nike!


as much as i usually hate the people crying “waa why is this posted here, this isnt mograph”, in this case i really have to wonder.. all i saw was a regular commercial with some compositing and annoying pauses on shoe closeups (yes i know its a shoe commercial).


Yes it’s a regular commercial but there is a nice direction, the idea and the pictures are pretty good. It’s not the commercial of the year but it worth to be shown (in my opinion)…


mograph schmograph. there is a lot that can be learned from this spot. the idea (and story arc) is great as is the live action direction, footage quality, editorial, color correct and compositing. just because you don’t see knoll light factory or mr. mercury doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong here. no question much went into the previs and storyboarding phases, not to mention the craftsmanship of the final product.

this is a conceptually solid and pure piece…no need for mograph icing on this cake.

well done lynn fox.

Marc B.

With respect to Lynn Foxy I could’ve done it better

Here’s how I’d have done it.

The bear attacks the runner. The runner wrestles with the bear. Close up shot of runner’s eyes as he’s totally focused on the bear. Zoom out. Runner looking back at the wolves getting closer. Runner takes off shoe and punches the bear in the nose. Cut to close up of the shoe on bear’s nose in slow motion. Cut back to runner putting the shoe back on and running off again.

The rest pretty much as we see here.

Simon Robson

I can feel a spec commercial coming on. I’ll fund it!

Marc B.

Thanks, glad you like it.

I had an idea for an alternate ending as well.

We see the guy running away from the wolf pack and that wild hog and the animals teeth are only inches away from the runner’s legs. We cut to a frontal view as we see the guy smiling. We cut up close to his eyes and he winks to us. He’s got a plan. We switch to a helicopter shot for a brief moment as we see him running away from them. An eagle carrying an american flag passes us by. This might seem a little pretentious but a cool stylistic choice nonetheless. Cut back to a slow motion shot. He jumps incredibly high into the air. We zoom out and see the animals jumping after him. A very epic moment with Lord of the Rings type of music. He lands on the other end, barely. The animals don’t make it because they don’t wear Timberland shoes. They fall deep into the abyss. We cut back to our hero giving us a thumbs up and runs off the screen.

Cut to the logo.


Cut away from logo to bear putting on Timberlands, cue ominous music.


Awfully boring. The Lynn Foxx trio once did great jobs, but just like Cunningham they calmed down to dullness…

So please: Give me lots of negative ratings – thanks in advance!!

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