Jimmy Joe Roche’s chaotic, seizure inducing pixel vomit

The best way I can describe Jimmy Joe Roche‘s video work [wiki] is chaotic, seizure inducing pixel vomit. Do you find this kind of stuff original? innovative? trendy? crap? irrelevant to Motionographer? Share your thoughts


Marc B.

Wasn’t the data-moshing crap covered enough already?


If you would browse around his channel, you will see he’s work is not all “data-moshing”.


True. It’s all crap though.


What “video work” exactly ? Digital vomit is all that I’ve seen.


I still prefer Tim and Eric’s Doug Lussenhop over this guy and his a little too “I’m wicked awesome” attitude.


This cable public access aesthetic is definitely getting played out, it shows up even more in his other videos. The posts about pixel moshing a few months back were worthwhile because they were original concepts with technical skill behind them. I’m not really interested in seeing this kind of fake hipster art stuff on motionographer.


amazing! “0” points!


i would like to see more of this “fake hipster art” please, in return i would like to see less demoreels of 3D spinning logos


Please stop feeding this ugly monster. This is terrible and should be wiped from the site.


Its probably a necessary phase… a dead-end on the evolutionary tree of motion graphics.

Now that its been once, hopefully we can let the grieving begin and move on with our lives.


Quite uninspiring…sorry.


I didn’t last after the 5th second, so it’s kind of hard to tell…


Look, I think is this a piece of crap. That said and in all fairness, their is a whole realm of video art there that is appreciated by whole realm of people, just in another context. Someone made a great point above that this site at times, tends to feature rather contrite spinning 3d logos and carbon copy motion graphics work that just seem to be ripping off of mk12 and brand new school- essentially slick but unimaginative fluff (you know what I’m talking about — colorful crap exploding out of more colorful crap, cliched ambient occlusion stuff, etc.etc.). However, since this site is more representational of commercial work, perhaps that’s fine. Its all a matter of individual tastes really and mtoionograper is probably not the place for more experimental video art, which was the question posed in the original post..

Marc B.

But this is colorful crap?

Don’t blame colors. Crap is crap no matter if you saturate or desaturate it.


It at least confirms that mograph is art…
With art comes the “you dont understand me so i’m good” artists.
And i’m glad he put an as-crappy soundtrack on it, so to not ruin a good song!


Contrite 3d logos? I wouldn’t say it’s contrite but I would say that’s where the work comes from. If it was an artists world it would be a true expression of self but guess what? We get paid to embellish logos.

With that said, I don’t like this guy. It’s a train wreck of thoughts just like the info on the YouTube page. He has no control over his direction and just spews it out everywhere in a mess. No kudos


I think it’s important to be able to recreate these glitch/crap effects but to generate a whole piece around it is just a bit pony.


Chris Cunningham he ain’t


I can’t say that anything like this should be written off completely. I also can’t say I enjoyed this particular piece, either.

Compare it to some of David O’Reilly’s more glitchy work though.
It’s just like anything. Some of it can be done well and some of it… not so well.

This still doesn’t mean that there isn’t some angle to be looked at or appreciated in it’s own right. I can’t say this particular piece is motionographer’s best post but something has to be said for the amount of feedback it’s caused.


I agree – particularly about the volume (and intensity) of comments. For what it is, I thought it was interesting, if only as an experiment. An experiment in what? In saying “f*** you” to all we hold dear? Probably, but sometimes a slap in the face can turn into a pleasant tingle.

I think you should post more stuff like this Motionographer! Encourage “discourse” and all that – motion graphics could benefit from more people discussing it (or just throwing things at it and being nasty). Variety is the spice of the internet. I had fun!


In my opinion: Either post his stuff of don’t post it. Don’t apologize for what you put on your site, be confident one way or the other, aren’t you supposed to be the authority on whether it belongs there?

But since you asked, I don’t think the painted nipple guy has brought anything new or clever to this type of experimentation. Just lame.


I think it works great in the Crystal Cat video. I dunno, if I was friends with him I’d tell him to keep on rocking out, and not to get discouraged when MTV uses him as reference material for an end-tag.


As much as it is interesting (not pozitif nor negatif), I do not think that this piece of work belongs to motionographer.


Aesthetically pleasing or not… this is “punk”, a reaction to the mondaine, contrast this to some highly polished coke commercial where hundreds of people have a hand in manipulating fat people, and you start to see the irony. There are better pieces of his, but I don’t think creativity should ever be limited by one person or a group of people’s comments. Yes, motionographer is a website that showcases some of the best talent in the world, but in spirit of 9-11(his posting date) I think this is more of a wake up call than anything. Viva la vida!


snoozer…………….. boring. stay out of mom’s closet.


The one thing I think this has explored well, is the use of alternative style. Using something that otherwise may be seen as “an accident” can spark a usable reaction for inspiration.
No idea is a bad idea, the execution on the other hand, is a different story.
I see no problem with exploring new forms of visual injection.


Render to trash then empty.


my opinion/taste/preference?

no – i don’t want to see it. i don’t really enjoy it. i don’t think i want to see it on motionographer.

was there really that much indecision over at motionographer int’l HQ over whether to post this spot? if there was, then i guess i’m totally not on same page as the rest of this site.

there’s places out there for work like this, where people can view it and enjoy it and analyze it and discuss it. there’s places on the internet to do that for anything.

but here? i don’t think this is any kind of ground-breaking, internet-art-world-boundary-smashing video clippage. this belongs as a quickie.


anyone ever seen ryan trecartin’s work?


von pixel

Im glad that this was posted and it raised all this fuss.

I want to see it. Im glad you posted it.
As far as im concerned this web site isn’t just rehashing the same old thing and posting this video is evidence of that. I want to see all kinds of random stuff. inspiring or not. I want to see stuff other people think is crap. I want to see cutesy stop motion set to soft music. I want to spinning 3d logos. I want to see stereoscopic stuff. I want to see glitchy video work. I want to live VJ work. I want to see artsy fartsy short films.

I think when you consider motion graphics and design on a whole- you have to consider everything. There are different trends and flavors of the week every 15 seconds. From polished super execu ads for shiny cars to video vomit….

Don’t be a pussy Motionographer. Man up and keep with the times.

Big City

Sure, it was nothing special, but I kinda liked it and I’m glad it was up here. I actually prefer to see experimental work or tests more than commercial work. Honestly, I think the Quickies section is perfect for stuff like this.


Couldn’t agree with you more. This kind of stuff starts conversations… conversations that are actually related to the work.


I don’ t really like this video but the “Crystal cat” vid is just awesome!


bright colored thumbnails = more pageviews

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