Encyclopedia Pictura Asks, How Will You Create The Universe?


Encyclopedia Pictura has struck again! The directing trio recently finished a personal animation entitled, “How Will You Create the Universe?”, inspired by the creature evolution concepts put forth by the video game Spore. Using that idea as a spring board, Encyclopedia Pictura explores what would evolve from a world if they were gods (as well as ask the viewers what they would create through verse). While creating a Universe can be hard, Encyclopedia Pictura puts all the odd pieces together just right to make a quirky, lush world that is unique to their vision.

Their sculpted style has evolved itself with the help of CG masters Tippett Studio, who brought their highly detailed designs to life. Tippet may be one of the few studios with the ability to take this style and intricate design and make something that even better looking then the stills. This animation could have easily looked like cgi trying to be claymation or borrowed from other more trendy 3d styles, instead Encyclopedia Pictura and Tippet created something brand new.


EDIT: We discovered that this was in fact originally created a year ago for a Spore ad campaign that was ultimately killed. Kudos to Encyclopedia Pictura for taking the initiative and finishing this project. Shame the client couldn’t conceive what amazing attention this spot would have given their brand.