Twenty120 Roundup “In The Age of Opulence”


Indeed, Twenty120 has come to pass. Not long ago, screenings for the festival went underway, drawing in artists across the board, and cooking up a body of work ranging from abstract animation to live action.

For those oblivious to the event, Twenty120 is a stockpile of 20 independent films that each span a length of 120 seconds. Rid of any professional constraints, artists were given full creative license, but posed to frame their work around this year’s theme, “In The Age of Opulence.”

While we at Motionographer where pleased at the overall quality from all the works, we where especially impressed by Wrights of Spring (Bryce Wymer, Daniel Pernikoff), OPRÉ (Justin Harder), and Fatty Wants A New Toy (Jon Saunders, Tony Barbieri).