Smith & Foulkes for Nexus: HP “Google Maps”

SmithFoulkes_Nexus_Google Maps

Smith & Foulkes make a welcome return for Nexus in this catchy spot for HP, in Google Maps.

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This should be a featured article… Great work


It has a great style. But the product is a joke. Even after I stop laughing about the fact that it’s a completely bad iPhone rip-off (“Apps”, UI, keyboard, even the ease in the scroll animation!)… Why would anybody make a product that can print a map? And why would that be the ad? I’m sure you can also print photos of your friends on Facebook (or at least that’s what needs to be there), but that’s not what they chose to show. Ha? Oh, the music is fun.


Ha, saw this last night at the theater, had no idea that it was for a device (?) that prints maps in your car, maybe I was too busy watching the pretty visuals.

Looked great on the big screen!

Greg Herman

love the design. great job!


anything with a palette like this gets my vote. I liked it a lot. Not sure about the printer, but who cares?


Beautiful spot. I’d love to know more. How many people were on the team? How long were they in production? What kind of budget was Goodby working with?

I have a pretty good idea, but I’d really like to know facts.



Gorgeous spot. Don’t see why the “product is a joke” or how it rips off Apple in any way. Have you even looked at HP’s other interfaces?


1st of all this is not a tech site so I dunno why people are so caught up on the product.. you want to comment on the tech, go to gizmodo or engadget.

2nd of all apple didnt invent half the shit people think they did.

3rd its a really nice spot and i think it should be more than a quicky


The reason to talk about the product is that it is featured in the spot… And there are a lot of ways to feature this kind of project. Obviously, it’s the direction that the ad agency took the campaign which isn’t aligned with my logic, not the post work, which as I said, is wonderful. And I don’t recall it being illegal to comment on what the work revolves around (that is a printer that can print maps in case someone didn’t notice). And yea, I think it’s probably the most inadvanced thing a printer can do.


Its not a printer that prints maps, its a printer that can print shit without a computer. what makes it different from other printers that could print stuff from a memory card is that this one connects to the internet and is able to print even more shit without a computer…

its not even a bad product considering it probably costs the same as a printer that just printed from the computer 5 years ago. Companies try to evolve their products and this is how HP is trying to evolve printers…

there you got me talking abt the product.


It’s so funny (or sad for that matter) how Motionographer became this virtual ultimate fight arena for motion designers, I mean, c’mon!
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