I AM by Tronic

Tronic just finished up this beautiful personal spot, I AM, which aims to bring the voice of the animals back on to the human radar. As Tronic co-founder Vivian Rosenthal says in the attached interview, “they are becoming almost like walking ghosts that are just drifting through a manufactured landscape”.

The simplicity and technical slickness allow for the message to take the front seat, while still providing us with something beautiful and eye-catching to look at.

Sebeastien Agneessens recently sat down with Vivian Rosenthal and talked with a her about the conceptual side of the piece, which you can read here.



The interview is not there :-(

John Cranston

Fixed! Interview should be up now, sorry about that!


I love Tronic but I really wish they’d put some real energy into compositing…



real energy into compositing…


That narrative needs energy, or do you mean flourish (which would be out of context)?
And to criticize you need to say you love them?


Yes. Real energy on compositing. I’m fine with the message and it would be stronger if it weren’t telltale cg. I never felt I had to compliment before I criticized. I love their work and I always have. I want to see them reach new heights. Just making a simple comment.


Thanks for taking my comment lightly, my English is terrible.


While I do respect their aptitude for creating intriguing installations…their CG work has never made me go “wow”. they seem to have a knack for creating “good” work and slapping a mystifying concept on it…to turn it into something that it isn’t


I created this while also doing other commercial projects, so it was a tough balance between paid and passion work. I am however happy with the compositing I feel i captured the essence of what the piece was meant to convey. Heres a tronic piece that stills makes me go wow, everytime I see it.

Marc B.

Tronic’s CG and animation has always been a little mediocre.

Looking at the AXA piece I don’t understand why they call it origami. It’s stock CG models with bad 3ds Max tessellation and crappy transitions.

And was a page long interview for this piece here really necessary?


They call it origami cause it looks like origami to people with any ability to visualize AT ALL! I believe there comes a point in our business where, yes, we can all see the process but the point gets lost. Did you get the point? Then the piece speaks to you.
Whats the point here? To make pretty? To simulate reality? Or to advance a concept thru audio and visual, using both in a balance right on the edge of cg. I love it! I wish I was there when they made it!!


thanks PixelMover, like I said to Viv, I like that I AM piece a lot dude, good work!

I worked on the AXA piece, (as always) I felt it was far from perfect, we’re happy with that piece though. It was a super FUN project, we had fun, the client was very happy. So given the super limited timeline & resources, I think it came out pretty cool…


NICE ONE! … playing around with MoDynamics right ;)


This piece, like most things in life, is not perfect, but i give Tronic props for doing what most studios don’t do, which is to push the envelop of conceptual construction beyond the typical 15second spot that you see onTV. While the concept may seem to be “mystifying” to some, it nonetheless is spoken from an studio that inherits its aesthetics from architecture. The language of the interview is spoken from the point of view of an architect, and not an cartoonist. If you look back on their body of work, it has had consistent reference to architecture and space. For me their work appear to have the sensibilities of an sculptor who’s attention to space is emphasized over the sentimentalities of a character animator who would have injected more whimsicality into the piece. You can see why tronic chose such execution given the opportunity for a more poetic stance rather than a cartoonish appearance. That said, i think this piece could have used more TLC and is perhaps somewhat lacking in terms of polish. Tronic could benefit from paying more attention to the quality of their image.


It should also be said that Tronic is one of the few studios that regularly does experimental and non-commercial pieces. And they’re not a big shop. I wish more companies in our industry followed their lead.


You are in minority, unfortunately.

Thoughtful and rational steps are a waste of time for the majority.
You think modern Art killed those so called classical imagery, No way!

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