Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this quirky independent short film is about the confession of Fumiko. It’s a simple plot but, extremely well executed and will be sure to raise a smile. I’m not entirely sure on what the girl says at the end, but if you are able to understand Japanese then we’d be super grateful for the translation.
The dialog at the beggining and at the end is the same. The girl asks “Would you like to go out with me ?” The boy answers “Sorry, I have to focus on baseball training …”

For more information and staff translation check out Catsuka.

Be sure to check out their amazing Making of to see all the storyboards, character development and research.

Animation / Artwork / CG / Audio: Hiroyasu Ishida
Artwork / CG textures: Yuko Iwase, Kazuhiro Murakami
Anim: Tatsuro Kawano
CG Modeling: Yusaku Nagata

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That’s quite the same dialog at the beggining and at the end. The girl asks “Would you like to go out with me ?” The boy answers “Sorry, I have to focus on baseball training …”

Information and staff translation come from my website Catsuka.

James Wignall

That’s great, thanks a lot for that Tsuka :)


Actually, at the end she says, “I’ll make miso soup for you every morning”. His reply is the same as Tsuka’s translation.


What girl says at the end is

“Would you let me make Misoshiru for you every morning”

This may be confusing for people who is not quite familiar with Japanese tradition. Becuase Japanese (mostly) dont express their feelings directly, but rather with a metaphorical way.

Under what condition a girl makes meal for you? Your wife, or simply a stalker. Pretty easy, right?

Basically it means the same with the first conversation. Fumiko asks him to be her boyfriend at the first time and being turned down, but the second time she ask for making misoshiru for him every morning, which means much close to a proposal. I think it suggests that Fumiko is a girl who seems to be very shy, but actually a pretty breve gril. : )

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