The Black Dog’s Progress

Deliciously dark is how I’d describe Director Stephen Irwin’s latest offering.

A tragic, darkly animated and powerful journey through the life of one dog as he travels from abusive home to even worse.

On the audio side Sorenious Bonk did an amazing job scoring the soundtrack, creating a truly haunting atmosphere of unease.

Warning: because of the subject matter some folk might deem this as NSFW.

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James Wignall

Director / Art-Director based in London.



Amazing. Reminds me of Quimby the Mouse from Chris Ware and some early experiments with narrative from Alan Moore. And the animation is so nice too.


I like how it is chaotic and our eyes don’t know what to focus on but it’s the little thing that makes us look at the right place. Watching it in full screen with a headphone is a real pleasure. Sickeningly beautiful. I don’t think anyone will watch it only once.

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