Let’s Enhance


Let’s Enhance

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Matt Hunter Ross

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2007 SCAD grad - MFA Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.



Funny alright, but I would have thought that this kinda thing belongs on your facebook wall and not on motionographer? Just a thought – plenty of motion designers would love to get a mention on the quickies posts, maybe I’m wrong? Happy holidays anyway – and where are all this years holidays films?


Not that this demands a response, but Duncan Robson (who put this piece together) has a pretty solid CV to back up side notes like this. But even if he didn’t, it’s Friday – relax.

Additionally, check out the Motionographer About section.

Happy holidays.


Sorry man, and thanks for replying. I enjoyed it and it’s funny, clever & brilliantly edited.

I wasn’t trying to be an a-hole. I was just trying to make the point that studios & individual motion graphics peeps create stuff and it’s like (imho) a big deal to get even a quickie on motionographer.
But, you’re right – it’s friday, it’s the holidays, I’m gonna relax :-)

Happy Holidays

Boca Ceravolo

YAY! We’re all friends again! Happy holidays everyone! :-)


Keeping us apprised on the latest image enhancement techniques certainly falls within this site’s rubric.
I’ll have what MacGyver’s having please.


Is there a classified section of Motionographer? I’m looking to purchase an image-enhancer that can´╗┐ bitmap.

Harm van Zon

That scene from ‘Enemy of the state’ is the winner. They just turn images from a securetycam into 3D. That would be so super handy!!!


james cameron must be a fan. avatar’s colonel scar-face has a classic “enhance!” moment – straight up by the books. you can almost see him winking at the camera.


Oh man MacGyver enlarges my z-axis.

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