Honda’s “Everything”: Cuts As Craft

This recent spot for Honda, directed by Outsider’s Scott Lyon (via WK London) is a prime example of technique supporting simple concept. With the goal of comparing similarities amongst Honda’s family of creations, this film is not much more than clever match-cuts from Work Post’s Richard Orrick and masking, supported by a cast of precise sound-design via Wave.

I often drone on about this industry having recently hit some visual and technical peaks. However, that does not mean we’re done innovating. As the playing field is leveled by increasingly accessible resources, it forces us to redefine our narrative abilities and existing tools by finding new ways to push them. This piece’s success derives from some creative ingenuity and clever planning while exploiting some of the same tools we’ve been using for years.

Although a successful edit is often defined by it’s invisibility; when conceptually relevant, cuts can play a powerful narrative and aesthetically visible role. Akiko Iwakawa, Paul Watts, Chris Cunningham, Art Jones, Digital Kitchen and Rob Chiu represent just a few of the talented folks to make the exploit the cut as concept.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London
Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth
Creatives: Sam Heath (Copywriter), Chris Groom (Art Director)
Producer: Anna Smith
Production Company: Outsider, London
Director: Scott Lyon
Producer: Zeno Campbell
Director Of Photography: Steve Chivers
Post production facility: The Mill
Lead Flame Artist: Neil Davies
Assist Flame: Gary Driver, Richard Roberts, Paul Downes
Online Producer: Liz Brown
Edit Facility: Work Post
Editor: Richard Orrick
Sound Facility: Wave
Sound Engineers: Tony Rapaccioli / Aaron Reynolds
Sound Designer: Martin Hernandez
Music Editor: Daniel Pepe (Meanred)
Music: Battles “Atlas”

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WOW. that is absolutely excellent.


have a tough time to watch youtube and vimeo clips smoothly.
Anybody having the same problems? Is there perhaps a
trick to overcome those issues. Feedback is much appreciated.


watching on a PPC mac by any chance? If so then the (only) solution is to upgrade.


very cool – but is it normal to feel like barfing after watching this?


great piece, liked how the glitches and cuts added to the piece instead of just being there for effect.

do you think the audio (in similar fashion to the capacity piece that “imitated” aphex twin) is an imitation of this song by battles? i can’t help but make the parallel especially at the end.


sounds like they just ran it through a few filters and called it done…

Yeah that’s definitely an edited version of Atlas by Battles.


a lovely use for ‘glitchin’ :)


looks nice and easy. If you dont know anything about editting then it looks really eay to do. But if you do know editting then you realise its lots of work and thinking into this video. thumbs guys


Hell yes.


saw this at the cinema before sherlock holmes the other day, its a great ad for the big screen. wonderful editing.


very nice effect. excellent

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