Stardust: “BIG Magic” ID’s


Both romantic and urban, Stardust strings together a series of lavishly designed ID’s for Indian Movie Network, BIG Magic.




what???? this is stardust????? camera fly through a city and thats all? why aren’t the plants animated @ the start scene? oh yeah, the leaves are animated.

But honestly, what is this? bad color correction, even worse compression and for a finally an overdose of shine

I want the stardust I grew up on.


I meant for a finale instead of finally hahaha :D


I’d expect nothing less from a channel called “Big Magic”.
But yeah, it’s a bit off from Stardust calibre work. I blame the AD…


not as good as avatar

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Stardust: “BIG Magic” ID’s

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Client Reliance Big Broadcasting, Mumbai, India

Project     “Big Magic”

Production Company    Stardust Studios, NY

Director/Creative Director    Alan Bibby

Executive Producer    Mike Eastwood

Head of Production    Beth Vogt

Senior Producer    Eve Ehrich

Producer    Lindsay Yacura

Assistant Producer   Ryan McRee

Sr. Art Director    Jens Mebes

Designers    Tae Kim, Aaron Maurer, Julene Bello, Marcus Mullins, Oliver Schroeder

3D Animation    Cary Janks, Ryan O’Phelan, John Karian, Cavin Thuring, Mirelle  Underwood, Weichieh Yu

Compositors/Animators    Tim Regan, Tonya Smay, Chris Lohouse, JJ Johnstone, Rick Malwitz,

James Weber, Fabian Tejada

Editor    Andrew Borin