Elastic’s Styles Give Us A Lesson In Adidas’

For our first post of the new year, it seems appropriate to belatedly post a piece by a shop that is sure to continue to rise in 2010. With a VFX assist from their bro a52, Elastic‘s most recent spot for Adidas, out of 180 LA, proves their ability to the rock world of playful, illustrative storytelling with the same confidence as their more sophisticated live-action/VFX hits.

This VO-driven short takes us on a visual journey through the ways KG and Derrick Rose have customized their shoes throughout the years. Each style gave an opportunity for Elastic to flex their own arsenal of style and technique.

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FYI. Elastic and A52 are one in the SAME. Same creative and same people doing the same work.and guess what… SAME reel. Rock Paper Sisser, A52, Elastic. solid editorial and solid vfx!

Another vfx company trying to get into motiongraphics. They are doing a great job at smoke an mirrors congratz!

Matt Lambert

This is partially true. They are connected; however, Elastic acts as a directorial entity/production company.

They do tap into the resources of a52 and RPS umbrella, but a major difference is that a52 also executes VFX work for other directors/prod cos.

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check out the credits and the reels.. whats is the difference? the name? even the producers and sales reps are the same..

nothing wrong with it. A52-RPS have been around forever, long before most motion studios they just don’t want to get stale.


reminds me of this nike spot:


except the nike spot is way better executed… to my taste, Elastic has a lot more to go no matter how long RPS or a52 have been around… plus all their former houdini artists left to do feature film…

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