“AIDES Graffiti” by Yoann Lemoine (NSFW)

French director, Yoann Lemoine, creates the hilarious safe-sex promo, AIDES Graffiti (Thanks, Cartoon Brew). NSFW





Adam Hofmann

A promiscuous, dirty penis, hunting for sex with faceless vaginas in a public bathroom….”cute” doesn’t come to mind. However, “pornographic” does :-)

Adam Hofmann

Did this seriously air on a children’s network? I would get fired from work if my boss saw a cartoon penis nailing a cartoon vagina, lol. Can anyone tell me what’s considered pornographic and what’s not?

I think the execution is superb, don’t get me wrong. Are there no boundaries on content though?

And why is it that many “AIDS Awareness” ads in Europe incorporate gratuitous, promiscuous, and pornographic images in their spots?

And why wasn’t it labeled NSFW???

Stephen Kelleher

“And why is it that many “AIDS Awareness” ads in Europe incorporate gratuitous, promiscuous, and pornographic images in their spots?”

Because it’s Europe, land of the free, not bible belt America . . . oh wait.

Adam Hofmann

It’s offensive to think that an ad like that represents a culture or a generation. If they use that spot as a way to target people, then what does that say about the people they’re targeting? Being in my twenties, or even worse, a kid like the ones watching it on the Childrens’ Nework over in France, I would be offended to think they would have to use that idea to reach me.

Isn’t promiscuity and pornography degrading for any culture? Regardless of religion?

I’m glad for the restrictions we have. I think it makes us be even more creative in our solutions to communicate.


adam, i think you’re thinking too much into this. we all have body parts, and we all have urges… why not teach kids before they try and figure it out on their own? i also dont think that the fanbase of cartoon network is strictly 13 and under.

Adam Hofmann

Rothermel, the spot wasn’t for cartoon network. It was for a “childrens'” network in France. But you’re right…the average age of Cartoon Network is probably 13 and above.

And yes we all DO have body parts, and we DO have urges. That’s not the argument here. However, both need to be balanced by self-control…not uncontrollable urges, looking for sex in public bathrooms. That’s what senators do, lol! Do “urges” equal a free ticket to do whatever we want without consequences? I hope not.

Rothermel, I’m all for teaching kids the proper place, time, person, etc. for sex. All for it. And I agree, they need to be taught responsibly at a young age. But the “AIDS” spot OBVIOUSLY was not meant to teach sex ed…at least I don’t remember seeing a cartoon penis nail a vagina in a pubic bathroom in my sex ed classes. And I don’t remember my parents showing that either, lol. I’m sure I would have laughed though. And I hope that any parent wouldn’t want a spot like that to define what sex is/should be.

This spot isn’t meant for children. OBVIOUSLY!

A condom alone is not the fix for AIDS prevention. A condom is among many good decisions needed to be made when having sex with a partner. These AIDS ads only ever focus on the condom. Regretfully, this ad playfully portrays many bad decisions.


here it is if you are not a “member” of youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlylO-tKq4k
funny stuff!



I’d also like to point out that this is an animation/design blog. I think we would all appreciate comments directed towards the production and less on the content.

Comments like these regarding what an ad is selling are tiresome as they are about how shitty a zune is or whatever other product you frown upon.

I understand you are concerned with what your boss might think if he saw you watching that… but maybe the advice for the future is to either not look at the internet while at work, because there is alot of horrible disgusting content out there…. or don’t click on the thumbnail of the little penis.

just says’n


Wow, I just watched this piece for the first time and i have to say the delivery was interesting, however, I would have to agree with Adam. Its disgusting and pornographic.
I am not anti-AIDS awareness by any means as it is a very real problem in the world. I am however anti-distasteful sex tactics to “spice” up a advertisment.
Design is in its nature a way to create and discover new pathways to communicate a point in a visual way. There is few creative things in this piece, I don’t find it innovative or original, just tacky and slightly offensive to what aids awareness really is.

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