Tronic & Marco Brambilla – Spec Ops Game Trailer

Tronic & Marco Brambilla build and then destroy Dubai in this epic :90 game trailer for Spec Ops. Check out the movie + Motionographer Q&A here.




why is this a quickie?


Honestly…i don’t get it too.
Make this a whole post and give us some info please


Amazing work, Tronic! I love the style and the atmosphere it conveys. Not your typical I-am-the-main-hero-and-blow-everything-up type game cinematic. Something different and kind of poetic. Very impressive considering the small team size.

I am wondering, too, why it was only featured in the quickies. It should have proper coverage. Last time that happened was with the Assassin’s Creed cinematic. Is it because cinematics are not “artsy” enough for mograph people ? I feel a certain biased decision-making here…


Right on guys, definitely a unique approach in the direction!
I was psyched when I saw the concept art images, hopefully got more attention it deserved.


cool project, cool team, proud to have contributed

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