Vanquish video game trailer by Logan.

Vanquish video game trailer by Logan.




Aside from it looking like Halo ripoff the suit design is extremely ugly.


Love the VFX. Visuals are really powerful at times. Some things feel a little inconsistent when comparing the CG environments/characters to the flame effects and the live action footage. I think the editing hurts the pacing a bit.

Personally I really like the suit design.


not a crazy fan of the trailer but I have to say the live action stuff added in there really was interesting! Looks pretty :)


The C&C ion cannon + Half life 2 + iron man has to be sweet. The first few seconds are very intriguing, but I agree that the suit is a bit ugly.


come on people, the suit was designed by the video game folks. was Logan supposed to ignore what the game characters look like and make a “cooler” suit? the fact that they had this thing made and shot it instead of going the full CG rout is pretty impressive to me. what is even more impressive is that the suit didn’t have a zipper and the actor wore it for 16 hours straight… figure that one out.


this reminds me quiet a bit of the blizzard, starcraft trailer, the assembling of the amor suit scene is especially similiar. even with the way he is holding the gun. Nevertheless the trailer is well done and I can overlook some of the cloned scenes


I agree. Even the opening is similar tonally to the Halo Starry Night trailer:

Maybe that’s a silly thing to nitpick but when dealing with content that’s so similar it’s hard to avoid these comparisons.

The execution was great though.

For those who are interested, I’ve posted a Vimeo embed on my website along with some initial behind the scenes 3D Modeling stills from the trailer. I’ll be adding more production material next week:


damn sunny, good thing you put that furniture in the building that blew up 2 miles away from the camera. now that is what i call attention to detail. you should have put porn on the computer monitors.

Oh, the joys of VFX… I did manage to put some TPS Reports on the paper debris along with some red staplers, but again, it’s 2 miles away from the camera…The monitors actually had a BSoD texture.


very cool to see the behind the scenes. thats some seriously detailed work. great stuff!

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