Digital Kitchen : Census “Living Mural”

Digital Kitchen NY steps up to the plate and cracks a grand slam with a seamless blend of sexy live action and hand-drawn animation in “Living Mural,” created for the US Census and agency Globalhue.

Directed by Rama Allen and Bryce Wymer, the Dk’ers also enlisted the helping hands of animating team, Augenblick Studios, to solidify the hand drawn, frame-by-frame process.

This process video gives great insight into the work flow and some of the action on the street. Don’t miss it after the jump!

30 sec spot produced by Digital Kitchen NY.
Directors: Bryce Wymer and Rama Allen.
Designers: Bryce Wymer and Rama Allen.
Editor: Ryan McKenna.
Executive Producer: Abbe Daniel.
Senior Producer: Danielle Amaral.
Line Producer: Dawn Rose.
VFX Supervisor: Arman Matin and Josh Laurence
Lead Compositor: Josh Laurence
Artists Bryce Wymer Augenblick Studios, Matt Morris, Isaac Orloff, Michael Marsicano, Soo Jin Chung, Chris Carboni, Zack Mason.
DP: Martin Ahlgren.
Animators: Bryce Wymer, Chris Carboni, Augenblick Studios
Music: Dirty Little Jazz Ditty by Take
Agency: Globalhue


Brandon Lori

Beautiful work, Bryce and Rama! I’d love to see DK continue to nurture their storytelling strengths with this illustrative style of cel animation and live-action. Keeping the cel animation so refined is what separates this approach from how a studio like Buck embraces cel animation, which is equally as awesome, but seems to favor something more frenetic: showing construction lines, etc. Very elegant stuff!


Beautiful transitions, as always expected from Digital Kitchen. Actually I think they outdid themselves once again. Question. Umm.. what does any of this has to do with US Census?


I wonder how much that we, as tax payers, shelled out for that…… It is beautiful though.


Total 2010 Census Budget = nearly $15 billion.

~$1 billion in stimulus for public outreach/staffing + $340 million for promotional materials… including $2.5+ million on Superbowl advert/marketing. They say they’d like to spend $65 for every person in the US on the whole Census project, but it’s actually less than that. Additionally, the money allocated to the Census every decade is put in a special private account that no one else in the gov can touch – mainly to provide (a perceived) protection for the information they gather.

In other words, this DK add is a drop in the bucket.


good job guys this looks DK


Wow, outstanding work!


Outstanding indeed!


cool shit,


i think this is really well done. really! but i hate to be a hater.. i got to call it how i see it..

this is not worthy of a post.

there is a real lack in mograph work lately. if you look back 3-2 years every day there were sick spots being posted on this site.

i dont think this spot would even get posted a 3 years ago. what do you think? is it dry out here?


i dunno man, you need to revaluate what you mean by mograph, if mograph is simply ae and a sprinkle of 3D elements, then this site would be populated with a ton of network IDs and animated text/fonts. And that sir, would be boring as hell. If more more experimental pieces are being posted lately, its because thats where most of the interesting work is coming from. I think mograph is anything that is displayed during an interval of time. the rise of the sun and stars can be considered motion graphics and we see it everyday, I think once you get bogged down by a strict set of definition of mograph is, you will be asking for staleness.


Seeing the behind the scenes for this is rad. Gotta say, love it. Really appreciate the tactile vibe of the whole thing. Seeing people actually painting the frames and really getting the soul into the piece really rocks. Def deserves a front page, no doubt about it.

Brian Gossett

VERY beautiful piece. Congrats! Thanks for sharing the making of too!


The census has a $15 billion dollar budget yet I can’t submit my info online? Awesome.


Wow. Loved the behind the scenes case study!!!! I wish every spot had one like that.

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