Samurai by RealtimeUK

Short, Simple, Samurai by RealtimeUK

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Harm van Zon

animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize



Holy Shit, Cool to see realtime UK finally doing some character work. Although this is internal, the quality is pretty top notch. Only crit would be the facial animations, its not quiet convincing just yet. But this is just nitpicking. EVEN avatar has problems with facial animation. Knowing how difficult it is to do facial animation, this is quiet the achievement. 3d Max FTW!!!


Extremely impressive CG but why try and mimic live action with animation? The camera work, art direction, and character animation ignore the potentials of the medium it was created in.

That said, great storytelling and awesome work!


If the initial approach was a photo-realistic fight sequence, why question the outcome in terms of camera work and character animation? They were used to tell a story, saying those techniques ignored the potentials of the medium seems a bit contradictive. Just saying, it seems like your disagreeing with they’re direction in terms of style.

The piece is insane, love the blood splat being flipped when it cuts to the blue samurai.


Yeah, you’re right. To be more clear I am questioning trying to achieve photo-realism when it could reasonably be done with actual photography. But I’m being picky – badass work.


realtime UK is mostly a CG studio with clients in the video game industry. Its just the nature of their work


Very subtle nuances are giving personality to the characters. Amazing work.
I also love how the choreography was true to chanbara-esque Japanese sword fighting.

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