Gorillaz : Stylo

Promo video for Gorillaz’ new single ‘Stylo’ premiered HD earlier today on youtube. Lookout for cameo appearance of everyone’s favourite action hero. Made at Passion Pictures, Correction: Directed by Jamie Hewlett, and co-directed by Pete Candeland. Stay tuned for full credit list and Q&A.

UPDATE: clip is finally up on Passion’s site!


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Nice comeback of Gorillaz \m/
I didn’t expect Bruce to show up (no human characters for that matter).
Lovely car chase scenes but the ending was poorly executed.


yeah I dug it. maybe not an eleven, but bruce was a cool cameo. The end was horrific.


got super excited in the first minute, then it just petered away :(


I love it.
Do not like funk (except it is Miles Davis), but that tune rocks, nodding to the classics cliché´ free.

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