StinkDigital & Arno’s 100 Lovers

StinkDigital continues to deliver quality work from all ends of the spectrum with this recent video-catalog/music video from Arno Salters (via Anomaly, London). This piece is an East-London-Pub-Remake of the Café dance scene in Godard’s, ‘Bande à Part’, with the laborious edit coming from Paul Harcastle at Bethnal Green’s own, Trim. It also doubles as the debut video for Josep Xorto’s forthcoming track, “A Hundred Lovers” while allowing you to roll over the video to see what the dancers are wearing.

Though Diesel were early adopters, it’s great to see the fashion industry and their publications continuing to dive into the world of content commissioning.

Bonus: For those of you working in London, see if you can spot the numerous cameos…

Agency: Anomaly, London
Executive Creative Director: Mat Jerrett
Creative Director: Anomaly
Producer: Anomaly

Production Company: Stink Digital
Director: Arno Salters
Executive Producer: Mark Pytlik
Film Producer: Hera King
DoP: Will Bex
Art Director: James Hatt
Editor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim
Production Manager: Jane Shackleton
Production Assistant: Simon Sanderson, Jess Fletcher
Post Production: Envy, London

Interactive Producers: Adam McNichol, Emma Rhys, Linda Essen-Moller
Lead Developer: Ian McGregor
Key Developers: Ozay Olkan, Zenon Olenski
Design: Tom Jennings

Music: Josep –  A Hundred Lovers

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London



There’s something depressing about the whole “mouseover to puchase their clothes” feature…. Product placement infiltrating everything.

Matt Lambert

More interesting than an online catalog though, no?


How is it depressing? Look at it in context: it’s a video-catalog on diesel’s site selling diesel clothes. It just also happens to be a somewhat entertaining, though pretentious video.

(I just really want to slap current clothing designers in the face, though, and show them a copy of “The Wedding Singer,” and tell them that from around 1989 on, we were mocking 80’s fashion. Why the hell has it been brought back?)


I honestly think the mouse over thing is a super fun idea…There was probably a crap-load of work put into the technicalities of the project. Kudos to those guys and the editors…

…but on the other hand I cant think of any other motionographer piece that comes close the amount of pretentious hipster tripe that I just witnessed… “Godard’s, ‘Bande à Part’” Seriously guys?

I can picture a bunch of cool hipster dudes and dudettes circling around their macbook pro in their trustfund NY flat, thinking…”This is so fucking indie, I need to go out and buy some Diesel apparel right now.”

You know what I want to see more of? Magical unpretentious mograph. That! is advertising at its finest…How can you not sell something that no one can hate.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Speaking of the Friskies spot, Slate just published this:
Worth a read, though I don’t think that spot is as “unpretentious” as you do. It doesn’t make much sense to me at all …


i dont think classic film has anything to do with hipsters in ny.. tarantino is way more influenced by goddard than these guys who just did it for advertising sake. besides.. hipsters stopped wearing diesel in 2003 ;)

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