Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell. Gotta love ’em!




That site has some funny ones, but so many of them just come off as snotty, know-it-all designers who think they shouldn’t be bothered with client requests/questions.

Here’s a tip: clients hire you because of your expertise. If they knew everything about design, they wouldn’t need you. Consequently, they know more about their field and needs than you do. You should listen to them.

Not to say that there aren’t some really odd exchanges though…

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Designers From Hell. Someone please start it.

Lilian Darmono

Well said, Bran. Conigs, mate, lighten up! It’s Friday! have a laugh with us!!!


Lilian, don’t worry. I do laugh and I do think there’s some funny stuff on clients from hell. It’s just that I’ve had this conversation a lot since that site has popped up. At first, I loved it. Then I saw the same stuff over-and-over and it lost its luster.

There are many funny (or horrifying) moments involving clients. It’s just that the more I read the site, the more I found myself sympathetic towards the clients.

Boca Ceravolo

Valid points, conigs… Then again I’m pretty sure the blog is just for laughs, and it’s a blog MEANT for Designers, “Designer humor”…

You might agree with this (pointed out by Bran):

Interesting debate! :-)
Although my intention was to just get you readers to relax and laugh a bit, it’s Friday! :-D



Love the site – but some of them seem to be fake – in my opinion, they`re so insanely stupid :D

Lilian Darmono

yaaa some of them have that ‘stand-up’ comedian flavour to it… nice one though.

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