Seagulls Fly for Adobe CS5 Production Premium

Start off the week right with UFO cow abduction, samurai swords, and wild car chases, courtesy of Brazil-based Seagulls Fly and Adobe CS5 Production Premium. It’s a fun ride that takes you from flip books to nostalgic home-grown filmmaking to big budget space ships.

FlavioMac and Seagulls Fly were kind enough to answer some questions about the spot. Check out the interview and some behind-the-scenes videos and production stills after the jump.

Q&A with Seagulls Fly




… And a crew of talented young-blood.


“The film was entirely made in 3D”

Although I understand that 3D is a big part of motiongraphics and that After Effects is basically a post production tool, shouldn’t ‘Seagulls Fly’ still have illustrated how powerful and verstile After Effects’ and the new Adobe CS5 Production Premium’s tool set is by pushing those apps to their limit rather than letting Maya or whatever 3D software they used do 80% of the hard work? To me it looks more like a 3D showcase than an After Effects/Production Premium preview. In saying that, the spot looks beautiful…. just a little confused as to the logic and motivation behind doing so much of an Adobe spot in 3D.


Totally agree here. Why a showcase for 2d graphics programs has to prominently feature graphics that are made in the one and only segment Adobe has no application for is beyond any logic.

Looks more like the release film for any Autodesk product.


There are a lot of the same elements in a site we did last year:


@tonyT @Mirage
I don’t agree. This is NOT an After Effect’s showcase. It’s a commercial that tells us a history, that you can create a film “from script to screen” with Adobe.
The important here is not show how this film was done in real life, but the message in it. Or are you telling me that Adobe could never use 3d / Film Techniques in a commercial?


If the message is showing that CS5 can move you “from script to screen”, it would be even more poignant/relevant if the message was created purely in CS5. You disagree with this? Message is important, and the message is about the power of a production suite. I think it would have been a nice consideration.


The obvious execution would be producing everything using CS5. What’s interesting is that Adobe utilized mediums apart from their suite… It shows an integral aspect other than “Look at us, you can do ALL THIS using JUST CS5…”
I’m all for integration.. the more sh*t works together seamlessly the better I can sleep at night…


It is so obvious. And i believe PS CS4 extended supports 3D files.
I wonder if Adobe sells pencils.


For me it contains the message “You better use other products than the ones we produce cause even we ourself don’t think a cool commercial can be done with our suite” :)


With every new expensive version of After Effects, I always hope this will be the version that has a normal 3d interface- just like all the other high end 2d COMPOSITNG packages. And every version I am disappointed the program hasn’t been redeveloped to integrate the sorely needed standard 3d interface.

What is so hard about having a GRID and regular viewports! Is that too hard for the software developers at Adobe???

I guess when they MILK everyone for 20 versions of AE we will get one, when it should have been there from the beginning.

I guess since everyone is too busy praising the great Maya work, it’s less of an issue.

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