LA based badass Carlos Florez has a new reel

LA based badass Carlos Florez has a new reel



Awesome! I’m so humbled to be featured on Motionographer one more time, Its such a honor. I really appreciate it.
I’d love to hear what you think, Please leave a comment if you can.


Carlos…how about, you’re so good that I must instinctively hate you?! Seriously…great work.


Great job Carlos…..Officially the nicest freelancer in the biz.


Not only is Carlos Talented, he is one of the most humble, energetic artists out there. A pleasure to work with him


I Love Your Reel!!! So detailed, beautiful and exciting. Great transitions and dynamic pieces. Nice work!


stop doing such beautifull things man !! congratulations dude really good work man keep rocking Carlos :)


Great job Carlos.


Nice work man!
5 stars!


awesome, carlos! beautiful work… more to come.


Amazing work Carlos!


Carlos Florez, your work is always awe inspiring! The style and energy always punches through the roof and carries on your passion through each piece. Can’t wait to see more of it in the near future! Congratz!


Well done, Carlos. You totally deserve the recognition!


Carlos, your work is inspiring and so fun to watch. I am just getting started with VFX and I hope to meet you one day here in Seattle in various studios. I have seen your work on various reels that come through the agencies. I have been lurking on this site and finally decided today to join the forums – just so I could lay down this compliment. Very nice!


Carlos, this work is spot on! You manage to always stay on top of your game. Beautiful work. Keep it up!


Ah ha, so there’s your new reel! dig the intro/outro work and the spots for Sprint. I do feel like some of the spots compete with each other as you have some nice high level studio work next to the personal work. You ought to start putting more people to work on your personal projects :)

Hope all is well, cheers!


Amazing work, I love the edit and energy of the work. A lot of talent and hard work shows through your real Sir. I love the pieces you directed and can’t wait to see you grow into a full blown director in the futur. Congrats


Superb! I have the honor of saying I went to school with Carlos and I am actually acquainted with him. And to echo what was stated earlier, Carlos couldn’t be any nicer and humble person. I know for a fact he has worked extremely hard to get to where he is and deserves every ounce of success. Keep knocking it out the park man!


Great job as always, ca’! It has the intensity , quality and energy that is characteristic of Carlos frickin’ Florez…


Bad ass! what else can I say? gotta refer to you as the new “Maestro.” Love the sync of the editing and the soundtrack, both of which express great energy and creativity!


nice reel mister carlos!!!

“i love it!” –c. florez, every single day


it was a pleasure working with you buddy, awesome job! I look forward to our paths crossing again!


Carlos the reel is amazing and it was great seeing you in bmore. I cant wait to see new work and hopefully work with you again. Working on Daydreaming with you was so much fun. talk to you soon man.

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