Warren & Nick: UNKLE “Follow Me Down”

Warren & Nick / Rokkit for UNKLE “Follow Me Down” (Contains nudity, so possibly NSFW)

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This is SO NSFW. Thanks a bunch for letting us know that.


“NSFW” ( Not Safe For Work ). Tell your work to grown up if they give you a hard time for watching this! Human life should not be censored? If watching animals have sex on BBC is safe for work then is repressive and perverted to turn human sex into something vulgar. PS. Your boss goes home and visits Pornnub.


bicycleman has obviously not worked in an office with a proper HR department. I’m no Sherlock, but by the preview pic I can deduce that what is to come may raise some eyebrows. a little NSFW warning wouldn’t hurt, though. just sayin, got to look out for each other here.

Brian Walsh

Sorry, bicycleman. That’s how it goes. This is NSFW, and it should say so.


Phew, glad we sorted that out. Lets talk about the work now.

Something about it is lacking – can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems almost as if they tried to run with a narrative at the start then it just falls into this sequence-after-sequence of the same, ‘incredible’ shot.

Don’t get me wrong It’s well shot, graded and the post is nice – but i don’t think that’s enough to carry this piece… was waiting for it to end.


I absolutely agree. It looks amazin, but that’s “all”. Not every piece needs a unique story, but it is too long for that less “content”, FOR ME.


your at work …stop watching videos on the net slackers ;)


damn. busted.

Mate Steinforth

love the grading on that one


Oh man, I found the grade kind of frustrating to watch. I kept trying to readjust my head relative to the lcd computer monitor, because the grading looked like when you watch an lcd screen with a narrow viewing angle and it goes all inverted looking.


That’s exactly what i loved about it haha :)


Well, this is an awesome and unique piece. The vocals by Rachel Fannan of Sleepy Sun are really special… all around something completely different. Happy to disagree chaps.


Does anyone recognize that location?

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