LAIKA/house: Tostitos “The Flame and the Fantastic Flood”

[qt: 640 360]


Client Frito Lay
Product Frito Lay Dips
Agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Animation/Production Company LAIKA/house
Director Nicholas Weigel
Executive Producer Jan Johnson
President Lourri Hammack
Creative Director Kirk Kelley
Producer Rebecca Bowen
CG Project Manager Annie Pomeranz, Joelle Spencer-Gilchrist
Production Coordinator Nicole Fitzhugh

Art Director Rick Sluiter, Nicholas Weigel
Background/Environment Design Don Flores, Jenny Kincade, Joe Beckly, Nicholas Weigel, Ric Sluiter
Character Design Ben Chan, Don Flores, Josh Harvey, Aaron Sorenson, Nicholas Weigel
Storyboard Artsits Ben Adams, Chris Purdin, Aaron Sorenson, Valentino So, Nicholas Weigel
Matte Painters Joe Beckley, Don Flores

Lead Technical Director Rick Sevy, Patrick Van Pelt
Texture/Light/Comp Lead Dan Casey, Saira Mathew
Technical Directors (multiple disciplines) Joe Beckley, Dan Casey, Ben Fischler, Thane Hawkins, Micah Henrie, Alex Inman, Saira Mathew, Andrew Nawrot, Eric Wachtman, Nick Nakadate, Peter Stuart

Layout Rick Sevy, Patrick Van Pelt, Kameron Gates, Nicholas Weigel, David Trappe
Modelers Chris Boylan, Ty Johnson, Allan Steele, Josh Tonneson, Chris Tran
Texture Artist Nick Nakadate, Peter Stuart
Animators Kameron Gates, Joe Gorski, Michelle Gorski, Greg Kyle
Riggers Terence Jacobson, Mike Laubach
FX Fernando Benitez, Craig Hoffman, Eric Kuehne, Karl Richter
Render Wrangler Jason Potter
CG Department Manager Stephen Martinez
Director, Digital Design Dan Casey
Production Assistant Dave Gulick, Vanessa Walker

Director of Photography John Nolan
(reference shoot) Wrangler Rob Melchior
Gaffer Ted Jackson
Stage Manager Erica Johnson

Editor Michael Corrigan, Todd Gilchrist
Flame Artist Rex Carter
Tape Op Travis Ezell
Scheduler Melissa Tvetan

Company Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
City, State San Francisco, CA
Director of Broadcast Production Cindy Fluitt
Creative Director Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman
Art Director Katie McCarthy
Copywriter Jessica Shank
Producer Todd Porter, Jon Drawbaugh, Tony Joo

Company Frito Lay
City, State Plano, TX
Chief Marketing Officer Ann Mukherjee
Brand Manager Tyler Reeves

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