From London-based This is Real Art comes a project that hits all my soft spots:  space tech, information graphics, and a reserved, modern design aesthetic.

TiRA created a collection of seven documentary films for Astra – one of the world’s largest satellite operator’s, in concert (but not in direct relation) with the development and planned launch of their largest and most advanced satellite, Astra 3B – to be used for education and marketing.  The films describe everything one needs to know about the operation of a satellite: History, Physics, Control, Launch, Why We Need Satellites, Business, and The Future.

Astra is a heavyweight in providing communications to major European markets – from radio and broadcast to broadband and 3D technologies.  Thus, with society’s ever-increasing reliance on these services (i.e. broadband, 3D) and Astra’s continued growth into emerging markets, it’s no surprise to see this type of subject given this much care.

As partner and Creative Director at This is Real Art, Paul Belford has proven to be a force in the advertising world – harkening the likes of Rand, Krone or Glaser – and it shows once again in his directorial role for this project.  Reflecting seemingly innate refined design sensibilities, Paul takes a technically astronomic and thus potentially mind-numbing subject and whittles it down into a form that’s both translucently and attractively explicated – a presentation that would make Edward Tufte proud.

Motionographer was able to catch up with Paul at This Is Real Art for a more detailed look into the process.
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