Mark Zibert & Gary Thomas (Crush) for Sapporo

Co-directed by Mark Zibert (Sons and Daughters) and Gary Thomas (Crush), “Legendary Biru” is beautifully detailed two-minute film. Shot on location over a month in Guangzhou, China, it is a linear journey though Japan’s rich cultural heritage that reveals the brewing process behind Sapporo beer.

This film follows the success of Crush’s collaboration with Marco Brambilla on his Civilization piece for the Standard Hotel in NYC.


Client: Sapporo
Agency: Dentsu Canada Inc.
Creative Directors: Glen Hunt, Les Soos
Writers: Glen Hunt, Dhaval Bhatt
Art Directors: Les Soos, David Glen
Agency Producer: Sharon Kosokowsky
Strategic Planner: Jeff McCrory
Account Director: Tim Binkley
Cultural Consultant: Nobu Tanaka

Directors: Mark Zibert, Sons and Daughters and Gary Thomas, Crush
Live Action Production Company: Sons and Daughters
Executive Producer: Dan Ford
DOP: Kevin Chan
Producer: Jeff Darragh

Post Production/Post Visual Effects: Crush
Creative Director: Gary Thomas
Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook
Producer: Stephanie Pennington
Art Director: Yoho Hang Yue
Lead VFX Artist: Sean Cochrane
VFX Artists: David Whiteson, Naveen Srivastava, Kaelem Cahil, Greg Dunlop
Junior VFX Artist: Andre Arevalo, Patrick Moore
Rotoscope: Gavinesh Patel, Kyle Steffler
Animation/CG Supervisor: Aylwin Fernando
Senior Animator: Chris Minos
CG Artists: Josh Clifton, Mark Irish, Gene Dreister
CG Production Managers: Raphael Quirino, France Dreitser
Matte Painters: Yanick Dusseault, Bojan Zoric, Jorgen Lauritzen

Transfer House: Notch
Colourist: Gary Chuntz

Music Company: Grayson Matthews
Producer: Dave Sorbara
Composers: Grayson Matthews
Engineer: Annelise Noronha