Bare Bones US Debut

On Tuesday the 29th at NYC’s Envoy Enterprises, London-based art crew, Bare Bones (founded by Harry Malt), will be having their US debut show. After a few successful shows in London and three editions of their quarterly zine, they’ll also be introducing video for the first time.

Bare Bones artist and video curator Matt Lambert has brought on the talents of Sean Pecknold, David O’Reilly, Andy Martin, Matt Smithson, Ant Food, Niall O’Brien, Ross McDonald and a few other surprise contributors.

About Bare Bones:

Bare Bones is an non-commercial outlet for artists, photographers and image makers across the world. Spawned in London in the deepest plunge of the global economic melt down, it is a raw celebration of doing things for love and fun — a timely reminder how in times of hardship, art and creativity can and always will flourish.

This free paper is funded by it’s contributors and published quarterly. Each edition is launched with a show, featuring work from all the artists. Approaching their first birthday, they are having a premature party in NYC. With a break from their normal format, they will celebrate the cultures of both sides of the Atlantic.


Exhibition and screenings: 6-9pm
After party (downstairs at Home Sweet Home): from 9-11pm
Featuring performances by Jugger-Nut and The Giggle Fits


Harry Malt*, Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Frank Laws, Hannah Bays, Robert Rubbish, Kate McMorrine, Stephanie von Reiswitz, Billy Bragg, LeGun, Heretic Print Studio, Leigh Fox, Lie-Ins & Tigers, Nervous Stephen, Simon Dara, Amelia Johnstone, Hanna Hanra, Matt Lambert, Peter Rapp, Kate Merry, James Pecis, Tom Jennings and Zoe Taylor.

Niall O’Brien*, Jamie Daughters, Ross McDonnell, Brian Daly, Shane Deegan, Richard Gilligan, Jacob Lillis and Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Neil Gavin.

Michael Smith*, Richard Milward, Gary Fairful, Sebestian Horsely, SC Breen, Svetlana Graudt, Gavin Bennett, Jamie Putnam and Slavko Vukanovic.

Matt Lambert*, Sean Pecknold, David O’Reilly, Andy Martin, Matt Smithson, Niall O’Brien, Ross McDonald and several more film makers to be announced.

*group curator

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