Shilo’s Evan Dennis for Green Label Art

Shilo’s Evan Dennis for Green Label Art, mixing Mountain Dew and P-Rod.

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Rad-iculously Smooth


Inventing new words your are..mmm…..Clever!


Nice work Evan.


Evan this piece got fr3shness all over it!


Finish Line by Digital Kitchen.


bahaha, the only similarity with the DK piece is graphics tracked into live action. Shilos, is more beautifully shot with much better color depth, better designed by a much more interesting graphic artist, for a better brand and with a more authentic and better subject matter in p-rod. DK may have done it first but it screams ‘middle of the road’ to Shilos ahead of the curve execution that i just adore.

Ryan Rothermel

thank you pj, well put.


I agree that Shilo did it better! :)


I kinda think the Finish Line spot felt like it had a whole lot more heart in it (maybe that’s just because of the hand drawn animations), whereas the mountain Dew spot seemed like just your standard easy-eased keyframed 3D animation.

I agree that the spots are totally different. But trying to diss another nice spot, just to justify this one being similar to it seems kind of uncalled for.


DK executed fine, and chances are the creatives prob had little choice in the matter stylistically for the finish line spot. But… since you bring it up what is the point? why do handdrawn graphics really make sense for Finish line? I relatively high end sneaker store? what do rain drops and trees have to do with any of the brands or finish line? and why is it necessary to add middle of the road aspirational taglines throughout? this is not DKs fault they executed flawlessly.

On shilos spot, the reason this makes even more sense is the artist responsible for the graphics, don pendelton of elephont fame is responsible for endless alienworkshop and i think habitat skatedecks that are synonomous with skate culture and ultimately a perfect fit with p-rod and his current popularity. Add a more polished approach to the tracking thats a bit more photoreal and voila! a unique skate spot without the nearly trite standard of half ass hand drawn graphics over picture.


I have to agree on the part of Shilo. They really killed it! Everything just feels so damn right!

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