Charlie Co. with Ninjas vs. Vikings vs. Spartans in a promo spot for Deadliest Warrior 2.

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Eric Edwards

Art director at World Famous



I love this studio. Worked with them for awhile. I just wish they’d make the links to their work easier to see. Having to go through 3 steps, generally stops anyone from seeing the work.

This was a great spot of work. Give these guys a call.


SLick. Very slick. Nice work. Agree with above comment. The videos are too hard to get too, plus the site is extremely slow, at least from Japan. Vimeo *hint hint* :)


I love their work. Definitely inspiring stuff. I love the deadliest warrior open. That’s so my style. Plus that show rocks.
Yeah video download was extremely slow in the States, but worth the wait.
Good work, keep it up!


They spelt “History’s” wrong in this spot. Histories = plural, History’s = possessive. I hope someone notices before they put it on TV.

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