Tiny Inventions: “Something Left, Something Taken”

Once again, Tiny Inventions have outdone themselves. For their latest round in mixed-media animation, the Brooklyn-based directing team of Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata have created an animated dark comedy about the Zodiac Killer, in Something Left, Something Taken. The short examines the infamous, 1960’s serial killer from the viewpoint of a vacationing couple.

In this piece, Tiny Inventions leaves no stone unturned by combining stop motion, live-action puppetry, and hand drawn animation. The film also features a beautiful score that’s equipped with a charming voice-over and quirky musical breaks. Yet still, the real magic of the short comes not from the hand crafted micro-details, but from the overall quality of the work, as not only a film, but a labor of love.

For an extensive look in the creation of Something Left, Something Taken, see the Tiny Inventions blog here.