MmmHmm, the new Flying Lotus music video ft. Thundercat

MmmHmm is a fun visual journey through a mixture of beautifully animated and live action worlds, directed by Special Problems and produced by Warp Films.

The concept driving this piece hits you on the head fairly early, but you can’t help but want to join him on the visual ride he is experiencing, starting with an 8-bit game like world, and getting progressively more organic as he progresses. The animation styles are intricate, intriguing and flat out awesome which leave me wanting more at the end. A seemingly appropriate feeling considering the theme of the video.



There are some really nice frames in there but frankly I was bored watching the whole movie. And I didn’t get the gaming part.


good call…..boring 4 sure.


…oh, nice surprise to find this here, especially as a main feature.


Great clip, it gives a good representation of the atmosphere of Flying Lotus’ music. Great artist by the way!


Come on! There’s nothing new or special about this piece. -seen this style a million times before. I was bored too.
It should have been on the side-bar.


I think it’s great, really nice mix of mediums and works well with the music.

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