Thing Pit

\’th`ing\ p`1t\
An entity, an idea, or a quality perceived, known, or thought to have its own existence.

Thing Pit is a traveling guerrilla art projection by artist Taras Hrabowsky. It’s also a beautifully composited project full of crushing decay, fluid destruction and complete insanity. Much can be said about the possibility of a black hole universe (man made or not). What Thing Pit attempts to create is…

a. a concealed danger or difficulty
b. guerilla projection made in opposition to a static view of our surroundings
c. a re-presentation of a coming together / an envirotron of differentiation
d. the commonly overlooked exultation in between

More artistic visual than commercial value, Thing Pit uses the technology to disorient, distort and confuse the viewer into a state of endless bliss.

Look for Thing Pit on a city wall near you!

I can see forever!