Umeric 2010 Reel

Umeric rounds up their best work for the studios impressive 2010 reel.

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Obviously amazing visually and conceptually, but obviously way too long, there was no editing in this reel, just some of works putted in some sequence. You could just give link to their site or vimeo channel and it would worked the exact same way.
My 2c.


sadly also makes them look like a one trick pony.. saw their HBO one afterwards (which i think is not on the reel)..



I like it a lot, very original and they have a signature style, there’s almost no difference between a lot of studios’ work these days, half of them are using the same freelance artists to make their stuff anyway, so it all looks the same, at least I know what this studio’s unique aesthetic is.


Great demo reels feel like pieces in their own right.

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