Is “this looks totally MovieReshaped” the new “this looks totally Photoshopped”?

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos



You know like it was with CS5 Photoshop new “magical” features: test examples worked perfectly, but everyday tasks worked not as good (to say the less)

But here, it doesn’t looking that good even on test examples, tracking is bad, tons of glitches, and you can see them all even in small window, imagine how bad it will look on big 1080p screen! Plus you need tons of cameras, and this could be real problem for small shot locations.

I might be wrong but I believe similar effect can be achieved with local body trackers and simple 2d distortions applied to keyed character.

My 2c.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Nothing good can come of this. Seriously.


This brings to mind ethical questions. Can’t wait to see ho wmany new people this software can inspire to have eating disorders. How about we see people as they should fing look.


People can use it for uses other than making people look better.


Only a human can make something so utterly useless and pointless for our daily lives…


Why didn’t they demonstrate the breast girth!?!?!

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