Nathan Love: NBC Peacock Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Nathan Love and NBC! In collaboration with NBC Artworks, the studio, once again, resurrects their feathered friend, but this time, for a fun, holiday greeting. I was able to catch up with Creative Director and founder of Nathan Love, Joe Burrascano, where he elaborates:

“We found ourselves with a week of downtime and decided to have some more fun with the NBC Peacock. He’s quick to render, and with Thanksgiving coming up, we couldn’t resist. After giving the team a few hours to brainstorm on their own, Ryan, Anca and I sat down and conceived the story in about 10 minutes. The rest was 5 focused days of hard work and lots of laughs. In the end, it was all worth it – especially when working with the musical genius that is Drew Skinner. I always love seeing how his sound design pulls it together in the end. This time our feathered friend is wishing the world a very Happy Turkey Day, and we hope there’s many more to come.”