Superestudio: “Inactivo”

Inactivo is the latest short film by Lamole, the B side of Argentinian Superestudio. It’s about a woodcutter’s brave journey through a gloomy forest of giant scissors. Facing his childhood fears, he walks towards his final redemption. The finely crafted opening credits and sound design adds a nice touch to this intense drama.

“We looked for the best way to figuratively represent the inside of a traumatised mind, and we ended up deciding to shoot the main body of the film in the forest, on 16mm film, and the main title sequence in the studio. The challenge of the post-production stage was to work with a great range of aesthetic and quality resources, in the subtle framework of constructing a realistic world that denoted ‘little intervention’, leading to this bizarre world”

Superestudio’s Reel shows how the studio has a substantial commercial repertoire, so it’s great to see them dedicate some time to non-commercial projects!

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Sorry man, I didn’t feel this one. Cool open and some cool compositing. But felt studentish.

Am I a hater, or is this an honest assesment? Wierd how this thing was front page as of yesterday and I’m first to comment. Hmmmmm.

Maybe it’s just my ADD to be honest.


I totally disagree with you dude, Unfortunately there will always someone who does not understand great works and new proposals, if there were no innovative pilot projects such as these: How boring would be our audiovisual universe yessir!!

I celebrate this project! this is an EXCELENT WORK. Congratulations to the filmmakers!


I disagree with you foker. We don’t need to understand this kind of work… if someone didn’t like it, it’s because of his personal taste. That’s it.


great compositing and image quality, I saw it at night with loud music: great trip!!


Great job man, awesome,


More of a quickie post, don’t you think?

Nick Forshee

wierd for the sake of being wierd maybe, but some cool new gems in there.

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Superestudio: “Inactivo”

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