CANADA: Scissor Sisters Invisible Light (NSFW)

Barcelona-based directing collective CANADA have been rocking quite a lot of people’s worlds for the past few months, with their breakthrough music video for El Guincho – Bombay having enough iconic, Jodorowsky-esque imagery in one piece to fill an encyclopaedia!

Nicolás Méndez (from the collective) is back, with CANADA’s first piece since signing with Partizan. It’s no surprise that CANADA’s use of golden breasts got the attention of New York camp-royalty Scissor Sisters.

This jaw-droppingly epic collaboration is a joy to behold, and a perfect pairing of talents (so, massive hats off to commissioner Dilly Gent of Polydor for that one!).

Incredible cinematography by Gomez del Moral and David Valldeperez completes the high production values of this erotically charged wonder. It rounds off CANADA’s exploration of vintage-style montage work perfectly, and I for one will be very interested to see what’s more to come from these Spanish artists. Repeatedly watch-able and, for you all those that need warning, it does contain some nudity!

Scissor Sisters
Invisible Light (Polydor)
Director: Nicolás Méndez
Prod co: Canada
Representation: Partizan
2nd Unit: Luis Cerveró, Lope Serrano
Executive Producer: Òscar Romagosa
Production Manager: Alba Barneda
DoP: Marc Gómez del Moral
DoP 2nd unit: David Valldepérez
Production designer: Roger Bellés
Stylist: Carolina Galiana
Make Up: Gina Ros
1st AD: Javier Rodríguez
Special FX: Marc Velasco
Motion graphics: NO DOMAIN
Digital FX artist: Gloria Gil
Commissioner: Dilly Gent

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What a match for this great track.
I’ve been waiting for motionographer’s take on this video ever since I saw it. And glad to get an introduction to CANADA’s other work. While Jodorowsky hasn’t been on my radar (though no doubt I will soon be watching all his stuff) the imagery did evoke classic thriller/horror movies like Rosemary’s Baby, and also the nightmare sequences from Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’. And nothing does quite crawl under my skin like a good ‘teeth falling out’ nightmare vision.
Cool follow-up to your last post, thanks for sharing!


She needs to arch her back just a little bit…

80’s horror camp the new hipstamatic?
This seems to be CANADA’s ‘thing’ and I quite like it.
Likin’ the boobs, perhaps they need to consider some of that 80’s bush…
Just a thought.


Mad! I very much fond it’s energetic visual rhythm.


There’s so much cool stuff going on in there. Completely entertaining, totally epic!

@ oeuf:
haha, true, it’s lacking in 80’s bush!


yes, very nicely done. especially the edit, too bad there is no credit for the editor. anybody?


Great work.. I felt suddenly inspired to check out more of their music after seeing this video but the initial excitement wore off rather quickly :/


Keep it up and keep coming! I love it! Invisible light!!!


awesome. is it about what i think it is…


wow that’s terrific!
wish I can see a full length movie with that style


There was a shot taken Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno….bums me out cause i wanted to use that emulate that shot. (its the shot with the glitter on the girls face)

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