Blue Source & A52 for LEGO: The Brick Thief

Following up their last successful short film for LEGO, Blue Source returns to A52 and RPS to collaborate on yet another whimsical, stop-motion, mixed-media tale.

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
PJ Pereira – Chief Creative Officer
Kash Sree – Executive Creative Director
Jason Apaliski – ACD/Art Director
Jaime Robinson – ACD/Writer
Sara Krider – Producer
Jeff Ferro – Director of Production
Gary Theut – Director of Client Services
Skylar Fogel – Account Executive

Production company: MJZ
Blue Source – Director
Betsy Oliver – Line Producer
Eric Stern – Executive producer
David Zander – Excutive Producer
Eduardo Martinez – Director of Photography
Veronica Falcon – Choreographer
Nicolas Scabini – Art Director

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Damion Clayton – Editor
Carol Lynn Weaver – Executive Producer
Aaron Morris – Assistant Editors
Justin Kumpata – Producer

VFX: a52
Andy Hall/ Andy McKenna – VFX Supervisors
Chris Janney – CG Lead
Erin Clark, Joe Chiechi, Abel Salazar, Steven Baker, John Cherniack, Kirk Shintani,
Adam Newman – CG Artists
Andy McKenna, Brendan Crockett, Andy Barrios – 2D VFX Artists
Pete King – Producer
Jennifer Sofio Hall – Executive Producer

Music: Stimmung
David Winer – Composer
Ceinwyn Clark – Executive Producer
Sound Design:
Damion Clayton – Sound Designer
David Winer – Sound Designer
Peter Rincon – Sound Designer

Mix: POP Sound
Peter Rincon- Sound Mixer
Susie Boyajan – Excutive Producer

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Matt Lambert

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This is fuckin’ awesome.


That was seriously charming. It was so out of nowhere whimsical but it still had a great nugget of an idea.

Man. Lego themselves are on a rampage! I remember thinking they were going to get swamped by video games and technology. Not only did they survive, they trumped technology (even made Lego video games!). Score one for imagination and creativity.


brilliant! so awesome!

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