H5 for AREVA/Euro RSCG C&O


We thought you might like to check out the latest stunning animated spot for Areva through Euro RSCG C&O. Directed by H5 through Addict Films, this jaw-dropping visual treat takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the evolving history of energy production with typical H5 flair.

Visit the Areva site for the video in context.

Credits and making-of video after the jump…

Making Of Featurette


Advertiser: AREVA
Agency: Euro RSCG C&O
Advertiser Managers: Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Vincent Allemand, Paul Macheret, Marie- Raphaelle Robinne, Nathalie Métivier, Elsa Renault
Agency Managers: Laurent Habib, Agathe Bousquet, Lucie Fayard, Juliette d’Arcangues
Executive Creative Director: Jérôme Galinha
Copywriter film: Georges Picaut
Art Director film: Stephane Franck
TV Producer: Virginie Meldener
Copywriter print : Sylvain Louradour
Agency Producer: Christine Meneux

Director: H5
Production Compagny : (ADDICT) Stéphane Kooshmanian, Delphine Rodet
Post-Production Compagny: BUF
Sound Production: Rémy Péronne (La Maison de Production)


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Stunning amount of detail.
( and a functioning waterwheel on a currentless body of water…a homage to the road runner )


wow. That makes a very similar project I just finished look pathetic. wow…


Having the audio/sfx the first time around would’ve helped it….very impressive but they missed something really big IMO…who goes to a drive-in movie during the day?

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