Violently disturbing video from Steve Glashier for South Central

Violently disturbing video from Steve Glashier for South Central

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Matt Lambert

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I’m all for disturbing and getting disturbed, but this is just bad taste. And technical skills don’t make up for poor taste.


“NTSH London is a cutting edge production company based in London with a focus on producing innovative and inspiring media.”

That’s some f*cking inspirational media.


This piece is really interesting in a visceral way. It definitely gets a reaction out of the viewer. It’s bold media for sure, and thus riveting. Unsettling but I think that’s the point.


Unsettling people is the easy part. I think communicating a narrative that asks real questions or has some layers of depth is a lot more work. I don’t find this to be particularly challenging material. Also, I find the fact that they’re pushing this piece for having “viral potential” even more troubling.


Not only is it not unsettling, it’s boring, conceptless, poorly-acted and vague… and the blood/gore effects don’t even look realistic. This video made its shallow point in the first 30 seconds and utterly failed to develop from there into anything meaningful or surprising.

This is barely more impressive that a second-year student film, and declaring it to be “viral” just indicates an inflated opinion of the originality of their own work.


I’m all for challenging work but this is lazy. It’s not cool, it’s not funny, not in this day and age. I was waiting for a twist, like watching the shooter get shot, seeing a cop or someone shooting back from the crosshairs POV but it just…ended. Whatevs.


You gotta be a real prick to release something like this during these times. Tasteless is right. Steve Glashier = insensitive ass.

Lets put him and Gabrielle Giffords, and the family of the 9 year old girl in the same room with this on the TV, see how he feels.


The problem isn’t the timing. The problem is it just simply sucks. Totally uninspired. When M.I.A.’s Born Free video had some message to chew on this here is just trying to bank on violence. And in a really poorly produced way. Not even the production company or director desperately trying to explain the meaning behind this will make it suck less.


Just made me want to watch this again.


yeah, at least in this one… it’s very gunner vs. gunner. the other one is just killing innocent peeps.


i’m no usain bolt but reckon i could of made it outta that car park in around 10 seconds flat rather than run round around like a headless chicken waiting to be shot. Some of those fools were still running about for 2 mins. I reckon a wide shot would have been widly more amusing


stupid half assed cheap stunt. Looks like a cheap clone after MIA’s Born Free.


Dull, repetitive, thoughtless… oh and the videos crap as well.

I don’t think it deserver’s any of the attention it will have gained from this listing.

Nick Forshee

I miss when violence looked real : /


needs to include pop-up ad for ‘Action Movie Essentials’.


The filmmakers seem to have deleted any comments that criticize the piece. Someone had made quite a few good points and I could have sworn there were a whole slew of comments in agreement last night.


Maybe NTSH should just photograph a fresh turd they drop in the toilet and give me some empty long-winded paragraph about the power of the fiber content in food and how the toilet bowl hugs and cradles the poo in it’s ceramic white arms…. NTSH, screw you, this sucks. And it’s VERY amateur looking indeed! You’re not responsible, and I think the actors should feel bad about participating in this garbage. You guys probably just inspired another future shooter.


with that long statement they wrote, I’m surprised he didn’t say “I shot in one take”


It’s purely voyeuristic seeing people being shot, same thing with YT videos that show people die. Not my cup of tea, it is too disturbing but also boring at the same time.


A POP SNUFF FILM… Trivializing brutal pointless murder, excellent use of the film medium!

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