Mato Atom for WWF: We Are All Connected

A brilliant idea finds a comfortable home in a beautifully crafted spot, brought to you by Mato Atom. This work doesn’t require any comments, as it’s subtle simplicity speaks for itself.

Title: We Are All Connected
Length: 60 Sec
Client: WWF – World Wildlife Foundation

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
VP Creative Director: Jose Montalvo
Creative Directors: Victor Alvarado, Fernando Carrera
Agency TV Producer: Juan Pablo Osio

Production Company: Troublemakers
Director / Art Director: Mato Atom
Producer: James Hagger
Assistant Producer: Mélanie Aguilar Fauconnier
Storyboarder: Leonardo Weiss

Post Production: Digital District
Post Producer: Peggy Tavenne
Managing Director: David Danesi
SFX: Thomas Marqué
Animation: Romuald Caudroit
Modeling: Jimmy Cavé, Kevin Monthureux
Lighting / Renders: Nicolas Belin
Compositing / Flame: Seif Boutella
Assistant Flame: Amandine Moulinet

Music: Human



This one is really great!
It took me a while and I realized this is a great example of how simple idea can use some money from advertising production to be pushed up to the limit.
Anyone remembers “Grand Central” by Kijek/Adamski? I was so intrigued by that piece, I dug deeper then and found some of their research work on that music video (
WWF recollected me of that one a lot. At the same time I can’t decide what delights me more. Marvelous (but yet fake) superproduction like WWF or raw, chamber (but overall “real”) piece as “Gand Central”? (I’m aware that it’s largely academic issue)


Absolutely fantastic! Concept, look, motion.. it all works so well together. One of the best pieces of motion design I’ve seen for a while.


gorgeous piece! Very elegant!

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