The Backwater Gospel

The infamous Animation Workshop hit hard this time, churning out a really impressive production, which is way ahead of what you’d expect from a student film. Granted, they had a pretty reasonably sized team, and from what you can see, all of them were apparently crazy talented. Now go and enjoy the Backwater Gospel – also make sure to check out their extensive blog with progress elements and making of snippets.


Stephen Kelleher

Stellar work. Great to see a such a strong aesthetic executed so well.


Fine piece of work. Well executed. Would love to read an interview or see some behind the scenes.

Matt Frodsham

There’s a link to a ‘making of’ blog right in the post. Its a great read!


Man, RIF. But in my defense, during Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ initiative, I was unfortunately, left behind….

Still fantastic work, read the blog, watch the making of vids.

Brian Gossett

Pretty damn near perfect. Loved every second of it.


Thanks for your comments=)
We were 8 students on the project (4 animators and 4 cg-artists)

As part as our exam we also made “Making of’s”
You’ll find mine here:

Bo Mathorne also has his Making of online as well:


man you guys fucking rocked it.
i’ve been thinking about creating some models and texturing them like this for awhile… just never got my lazy ass in gear long enough to do it.
very inspirational stuff. def makes me wanna go home and get the ball rolling.


Human stupidity animated.
Fear is a sucker.
Great work.


Crazy shit man, very inspirational but disturbing. I like it!!


These students put Psyop to shame. There’s another one out with an even more amazing animation style IMO

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