Pac10 gets Loaded

Loaded Pictures brings a smooth 3D camera mapping approach to a set of still photos for Pac10.




Very impressive, that’s a hard technique to get to the stage they got it to.

In the credits it lists 3D modelling, do you think they modelled basic geometry and mapped the images on? or more like an after effects, puppet tool, parallax type thing?


It was basic 3d geometry (at least in some cases). There were similar posts on motionographer with making of. But it was like 1.5 year ago and better executed (if I remembering it right).


Thanks Myaka, yep I’ve seen some others like this but often they take it a little too far. Not sure if I’ve seen the one you’re referring to though.


Yes in this one 3d mapping effect is very subtle, definitely a plus.



Great work by King & Country, with a fantastic break down.


Ya, I remember a “making of” as well about mapping photography onto 3D models for the super slow mo technique. I searched for a good 40 minutes to no avail. I do remember it included a picture of a person in the front seat of a green car… and someone running through the sprinklers in a yard. Maybe someone else knows what spot i am talking about.

Great spot though, very well executed. Thank you for the response akamrblack.


We modeled each athlete in C4d and then mapped the geometry. Some athletes were lo poly, some were high. There wasn’t a whole lot of info out there on this technique so we did a lot of testing in the beginning. The idea behind the spots was to make the athletes move just enough to give a 3 dimensional feel, but not so much to make them effect heavy spots.


Thanks for the insight akamrblack.

Looks like there’d be a bit of work in getting the models to match up.


That just hurt my brain. Nice job!

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